Spot the Wristband? June 17 2015

Can you find the two newest wristbands in this photo?  Yep, you're right!  "Northern Lights" and "I am the God of Hellfire, and I Bring You...."

NICE CATCH! July 14 2013

NICE CATCH.  Limited out by noon.  DADmo+co Limited Edition Totes on their way to a trunk show at The Marsh store in Minnetonka, MN.

Two New Limited Edition Totes! "Stealth" and "Coloured Greens" February 13 2013

Two, tasty new Limited Edition Totes:  All-black, "Stealth" for your inner ninja, and "Coloured Greens," for your anti-oxidants.

DADMO+co Limited Edition Totes! January 24 2013

Not another Eff-ing Tote?   Yes....but this is a DADmo+co LIMITED EDITION TOTE! We carefully seek out deadstock, off-spec, and other unloved fabrics to divert them from their sad fate of ending up in landfills and instead into your grip at a great value.  Rare imperfections do not detract from the functionality, durability, coolness, and long life of the these "utili-totes."  "Few-of-A-Kind"  Get all matchey-matchey with your wristband! RUGGED.  COLORFUL.  FUN.

DADmo+co Climbing Rope Wristbands: The Perfect Affordable Gift! December 11 2012

Affordable Gift? -Youbetcha!   Stocking-stuffer? - Perfecto!

The Strap That Started It All September 28 2012

Here is Mr. No.1 Climbers Web Camera Strap who started it all. He was sewn over 40 years ago, and first went into service on a Minolta SRT101.  He went up mountains, down canyons, and to many points of the globe.  He got dirty.  He got sweaty, but he always washed up nicely.  He eventually was promoted to a Contax body where he was entrusted to carrying a lot of...

Whole Lotta New Wristbands September 22 2012

 Holy Stogies!  Gotta lotta new wristbands gonna drop soon!  There's one to wear when you're sipping your Crown and one that's fire-proof if you really do want to try that fire-walking thing with Tony.

Health Benefits from DADmo+co Magnets? September 09 2012

We might be adding this one to our FAQ.  Question:  Does wearing your wristbands with your "Mighty Magnets" have any health benefits?  Answer:  "Beats us." Frankly, we just don't have any hard, scientific evidence, and we are strongly opposed to animal testing.  We have anecdotal evidence, however, from one of our wristband wearers who works in a psychology research lab.  Apparently the rats undergoing her tests are completely preoccupied with...

Sale Prices on some Double-Wraps July 26 2012

 We may be dense but we eventually get it.  We love feedback.  Some people (okay girlz) felt a double-wrap of 7mm cord was a bit too much for their Carpa, but they loved the colors.  So, we're moving out all our 7mm double-wraps and bringing them back as singles.  Check out the deals!

"Fantasia" back in stock July 11 2012

Sweep the house with Mickey Mouse!   "Fantasia" is back in stock.  Our most colorful band?  You be the judge.

This just in: Dave is really impressed. July 03 2012

Hi,  I just wanted to say that I placed an order and received one of your bracelets a few days ago and I'm really impressed. Keep up the good work and I'm sure I'll be back for more. Best, Dave

Cool Material thinks you need some "Almost Blue Heav'n" for the 4th. June 26 2012

 Cool Material thinks you need some blue (as in red, white, and blue) for the 4th Of July on your Carpa.  We agree, and remember, we have about 12 different wristbands and webbelts that are blue!
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