Health Benefits from DADmo+co Magnets? September 09 2012

We might be adding this one to our FAQ.  Question:  Does wearing your wristbands with your "Mighty Magnets" have any health benefits?  Answer:  "Beats us."

Frankly, we just don't have any hard, scientific evidence, and we are strongly opposed to animal testing.  We have anecdotal evidence, however, from one of our wristband wearers who works in a psychology research lab.  Apparently the rats undergoing her tests are completely preoccupied with her 6mm, double-wrap, "Orange you Glad" band to the point where they are totally ignoring pushing the pellet feeder button.  We also heard from another wearer about an incident in which adult male gibbon at the National Zoo snatched a shiny, gold "IPA" band from the man's wrist and flaunted wearing it on different parts of his body for a full two hours before he could be caught and the band returned to its owner.

Does this glimpse in to animal behavior with DADmo+co wristbands--which is decidedly NOT animal testing--suggest healthful benefits?  We just don't know.  For now, we think its best to stay with our claim that you can wear a DADmo+co wristband with good feeling all day, and that that feeling comes from how cool your DADmo+co wristband looks on you.

What do you think?  Are you noticing health benefits?  Let us know!