Back Story

We were climbers.  We climbed.  We loved the feel of climbing rope in our hands.  We sought to adorn ourselves with rope, perhaps to remind us of our best routes and great feats, or maybe we just like the way it looked.  Fortunately, the world-class makers of rope make a great variety of colors and patterns.  We got tired of tying rope around our wrists.  We figured out how to make non-corroding, stainless steel clasps with "Mighty Magnets" to secure them.  They had to be built to last.  They had to be colorful. They had to be fun.  The rest, as they say, is history.

We used webbing to rack our gear, make runners, and tie off bottomed out Lost Arrows.  For what else could this useful and colorful material be used?  Camera straps! Belts!  We found supple and good to the hand but super strong, flat polyester and nylon webbing.  We found heavy-weight, welded D-rings with brilliant, powder-coated, enameled finishes for the buckles

.... because they had to be rugged, colorful,, wait! ...they had to hold up our pants.  ;-]  Okay, they HAD to be fun.

Here is Mr. No.1 Climbers Web Camera Strap who started it all.

He was sewn over 40 years ago, and first went into service on a Minolta SRT101.  He went up mountains, down canyons, and to many points of the globe.  He got dirty.  He got sweaty, but he always washed up nicely.  He eventually was promoted to a Contax body where he was entrusted to carrying a lot of very expensive glass.  He was always confident because he knew his inner strength, and he was blessed with a great disposition--never a pain in the neck and wonderful to handle.  Although he is now retired, his descendants of many colors are out in the world carrying film bodies and digital cameras of all sizes and sorts.

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