Cord Use & Care

Carpal Knowledge:  "Carpus, pertaining to the 13 bones connecting the hand and the arm, otherwise called the wrist."

 How to Use Your CarpaCord

Carpa Diem:  Upon arising, determine:  

  1. "What color am I today?"  If you wore your Cord to bed, determine if you are still the same color today.  CarpaCords are versatile and fun.  Go for contrast or go all matchy-matchy with your wardrobe or with a friend.  
  2. Determine how many Cords you feel like today.  
  3. Wrap one or more CarpaCorda around your Carpus--once, twice, thrice, depending on model.  Place one end of the mightily magnetized clasp near the other, let click, and wear with confidence and good feeling all day.

 Proper Care of your CarpaCord

Your CarpaCord is fabricated in world class facilities in the US of A from the finest materials that climbing and sailing rope manufacturers can procure.  Cords are composed principally of non-shrinking, polymer fibers, and the clasps are machined from non-corroding,304L/316L stainless steel.  If your cord gets grotty from excessive sweat, sunscreen, salt spray, or tears, simply wash with a mild soap and air dry.  If you are feeling thrifty, you can also wash your CarpaCord when you shower or when you are washing your dog in your shower.  If you are in the habit of showering with someone, you can wash theirs while they wash yours.  Please store your cord in the proper standby mode (with the clasp ends separated) to prolong the clasp's magnetism.

WARNING!   Do not expose your CarpaCord to excessive heat.  CarpaCord fibers will melt at approximately 500F, so be sure to remove your cord from your body before attempting fire-walking or other activities which might expose your Cord to these temperatures.

WARNING!  Your CarpaCord is made from the finest mountain climbing and sailing rope, but CarpaCorda should not be used for these activities.  Wearing CarpaCorda during these activities is healthful and fun.

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