Do you accept international orders, i.e. outside of the US of A or Canada?

YES!  We now do spread the fun across the waters with either thrifty but, in some cases, slow First Class or more spendy, but quicker, flat-rate shipping for up to 4lbs.

What are my shipping options?

We go postal every day except Sunday.  Orders usually ship the next day and, we ship all orders using the (nearly) infallible United States Postal Service.  We use First Class Shipping to lower your cost, and your smiling letter carrier will probably delivery your order to your door in about four or five working days.  Remember, anticipation sharpens the appetite.  If you need your swag sooner or want to order a whole mess of swag, please contact us.

What do you charge for Shipping & Handling?

$3.50 for up to 4 wristbands.  $5.50 for 4 or more wristbands and we'll shoot them to you Pirate, uh, Priority Mail.  If you order more than $60 of swag, we'll eat the shipping costs, in other words, FREE!

Why do you ship in plastic envelopes?

Our shipping envelopes are lightweight to save mailing costs, yet are waterproof and very durable.  They are composed of 30% post consumer recycled plastic and are supplied by PolyPak America, a company which is working hard to achieve carbon neutrality and plants a tree on our behalf every time we order.      http://www.polypak.com/Carbon-Neutral.htm

Why do you have such stupid names for your different models?

Well, that's just like, your opinion...man.  I guess we're just not as smart as Ikea.

My life is electronic.  Will the "mighty magnets" in your clasps hurt my stuff?

Ours is too!  We've used the clasps in close proximity to all our electronics and find no adverse effects.  Still, magnets and magnetically recorded media really don't mix, so rubbing them on your hard drive or your old 8-tracks is definitely not recommended.

Hmmm...not really sure about all your synthetics.  Aren't you promoting "Big Oil?"

We don't think so.  Consider this:  we are tiny, nay even micro.  Our use of nylon and poly-fiber products would never in a thousand years create an iota of extra demand for the petroleum-based feedstocks that go into these fabrics.  Two, our fabrics are already made, and we really are keeping the ends of rolls, off-spec, and cut-offs out of landfills and instead converting them into into highly useful products.  We do literally "dive" the dumpsters of our boat cover shop friends, and sometimes we find old boat covers we can actually snatch from the jaws of the garbage truck and repurpose them into bags.


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